Our Statement

Our charity is non-political and non-profit making UK registered charity. The charity began in the early 1980's and became registered with the Charity Commission in 1989. Our work is governed by our constitution (Trust Deed). Some of our aims and objectives can be found on the Charity Commission website or by clicking on "About Us".

We strongly condemn any form of violence against anyone. All creatures and mankind are one great family of God. Islam teaches that all humans are one great family of God, regardless of different religious beliefs, nationality or race. They should love and protect each other. They should not hate, persecute, torture and kill each other. All religions teach that human life is sacred. God is Kind and Merciful and commands that we should also be kind and merciful to His creatures. Anyone that claims to be a believer and worshiper of God, can not be a true believer until he shows kindness to his fellow human beings and His creatures. All seekers of God will surely find Him close to the suffering hearts of the destitute.

All human beings, according to Islam, have been created by one and the same God, and for this reason they belong to one great brotherhood. All being descendants of the same progenitor, Adam and Eve, they should naturally be each other’s well-wishers. They must willingly come to one another’s assistance, like members of the same large family. Islam has, therefore, laid the greatest of emphasis on the support of destitute and disabled members of society. It is a sacred duty of the wealthy to give part of their possessions to fulfil the needs of the deprived sections of the community. In short, our work is to save lives by relieving the suffering of the destitute, desolate and poor people, poor children, orphans, widows etc.

As our work is motivated by our religious beliefs, we consider life to be sacred and believe that to save one life is like saving the whole humanity and taking one life is like killing the whole humanity. This is consistent with what Allah says in the Qur'an:


"... if anyone slew a person, unless it be for murder or for spreading mischief in the land, it would be as if he slew the whole of mankind. And if anyone saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of a whole people." (al-Ma’ida, 5:32)



"Those who spend (in charity) of their goods by day and by night, in secret and in public, have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve." (Al-Qur'aan 2:274)



"By no means shall you attain righteousness unless you give freely of that which you love." (Al-Qur'aan 3:92)


Click here for more verses about charity and kindness to fellow human beings

"God Bless Britain and protect the British people"

It is the belief and conviction of all the trustees of our charity that there is no other country in the world that can match the British people in their tolerance, justice, respect for human rights, tolerance and freedom of worship, non-discrimination, acceptance of a multi cultural society, equal opportunities, security, law and order, honesty, politeness, good manners, kindness and generosity. They are always the first to rush aid and assistance to places affected with disasters around the world. They are always first to protest against any injustices around the world.

It is indeed a great blessing from Allah to be able to do the good work that our charity does. This work is only possible because we live and operate in the above mentioned environment. We sincerely appreciate these unique British values.

We sincerely pray to the Almighty Allah to bless and protect Great Britain and the British people. As we have now adopted Great Britain as our home country, we are proud to be British and have profound love for the country and her people.  Our religion commands us to be loyal to the country that you live in. We would like to offer our sincere prayers by saying: "God Bless Britain and protect the British people".  We can not really understand and appreciate the blessings and favours of Allah if we do not first learn to understand and acknowledge the favours by fellow human beings to us.


Lastly, as a tribute to our late father, these are some of his eternal words of advice to us (his children) about Charity:



"Oh my sons, if Allah gives you wealth, always remember that it is a Trust from Him. From it, you are only entitled to take enough to maintain yourself and your families for your simple living. What is left after that, has to be returned to their rightful owners. The owners of this Trust are the orphans, widows, the sick and the destitute people. Make sure that their Trust reaches them. Do not squander the Trust given to you by overspending on your luxuries. Those who spend extravagantly on unnecessary luxuries are the brothers of Shaitaan, this is also what the Qur'aan says" ... These are the unforgettable words of our beloved late father, Ibrahim Umar Geloo (may Allah grant him Paradise and bless his soul forever, Ameen)



He went on to say: "People do not become poor by choice. Therefore never despise the poor. I was born in a poor family myself and have seen and lived in poverty. I know exactly how it feels to be poor and I also know how it feels when you are treated like a stone that is lying on the road which is then kicked by one to one side and by another to the other side. One should never forget his poor (hard) times otherwise he will also forget and ignore the poor. If you really want to be happy in this world and in the next, get the Du'aas of the poor, you will never despair. If you wish that all your affairs are solved right in this world and the hereafter, receive the Du'aas of the poor - but you can do this only if you first learn to love them." These words of our beloved father are still ringing in our ears although it is exactly 24 years since he left us. 

The End